Saturday, September 18, 2021

Akon’s car stolen at a Gas station in Atlanta

The singer's car was stolen at a gas station after an individual jumped into his car while Akon fills gas into his Range Rover

As per police reports, Akon’s SUV car was stolen while he was fueling it up at a gas station in Atlanta on Tuesday night.

According to police, Akon, 48, was pumping petrol on the passenger side of his Range Rover when someone reportedly jumped in and fled the scene. Fortunately, the singer of “Don’t Matter” was not hurt during the event.

The reps for the Atlanta police department while talking to fox news said

It only takes a second for someone to jump in your vehicle and take off

According to reports, Akon’s car was stolen just one day after Atlanta City Councilwoman Natalyn Archibong recommended requiring city gas stations to install continuous surveillance cameras at all of their outlets in place to avert auto theft.

According to the proposed legislation, gasoline wholesalers would also be required to establish an emergency backup video system.

Going by Fox News report, authorities are encouraging drivers not to leave their vehicles running while pumping gas in light of the horrific crime.

They also urged anyone with info about the Grammy nominee’s car to contact the Atlanta Police Department.

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