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Congo’s Volcano Eruption- Fear hits Goma as Volcano rendered thousands homeless

Tens of thousands of residents left the city in fear, with about 7,000 of them escaping to Rwanda

The manifestation of Congo’s volcano eruption have shaken the city of Goma in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, unsettling inhabitants still struggling to recover from a weekend volcano eruption that shattered surrounding towns, dislodged thousands, and killed an estimated of 20 people.

On Saturday night, Mount Nyiragongo, one of the world’s busiest and dangerous volcanoes, erupted, sending a smoldering wall of lava half a mile wide downhill towards the city that settled over two million people.

The Congo’s volcano eruption stopped a few hundred meters short of the city borders, but it demolished more than a dozen villages along the way, obstructed a major road into town, and knocked out the main power supply.

Violent quakes proceeded through the night and into Monday morning, causing concern in Goma.

When Nyiragongo erupted, tens of thousands of residents left the city in fear, with about 7,000 of them escaping to Rwanda. Authorities said 17 villages on the outskirts of the city had been heavily affected.

(Photo by SIMON WOHLFAHRT/AFP via Getty Images)

Meanwhile, five deaths were reported on Monday as a result of the eruption’s toxic fumes.

The civil society leader Mambo Kawaya while while having a converstion with AFP said

We have just discovered five dead people. A sixth person is in a critical state with trouble breathing and has been taken to hospital.

According to authorities, nine people died in the accident while attempting to flee the scene, while four prisoners died while trying to escape. Two people were found dead, having been burned.

According to AFP, the last significant eruption of Nyiragongo took place in 2002, killing about 100 people.

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