Saturday, September 18, 2021

Isreal’s iron dome technology set to get replenished by the US

According to reports, Isreal’s iron dome technology is set to get renewed as Israel has reached out to its ally, America, to grant a request of $1 billion.

According to US Senator Lindsey Graham and Israeli officials, Israel’s defensive system chief Benny Gantz will travel to Washington, DC, on Thursday to demand a $1 billion replenishment of the country’s Iron Dome air defense system.

In the midst of an 11-day upsurge between Israel and Hamas, Israeli officials said Isreal’s Iron Dome technology was indeed significant during the attacks at it blocked hundreds of rockets shot from the Gaza Strip, Graham said he expects the US to swiftly endorse the request.

Graham while talking to reperter on Tuesday during a visit he made to Jerusalem, he disclosed that

There will be a $1bn request coming to the Pentagon this week from the [Israeli] defense minister to replenish the Iron Dome and a few other things, to upgrade the system

During the 11-day fighting, Israeli air attacks murdered 253 Palestinians, including 66 children.

During the same timeframe, 12 people were killed in Israel by rockets launched from Gaza by Hamas and other armed groups.

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