Pakistan bans TikTok for 4th time, for inappropriate and Obscene content

This is the fourth time the app has indeed been banned in the country following the rampant use of the app for the upload of Obscene content

Pakistan once again has banned TikTok, a renowned video-sharing network with Chinese origins, owing to the

constant presence of inappropriate content on the platform and its failure to remove such content.

The restriction was disclosed by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority on Wednesday, in compliance with the applicable provisions of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016.

According to Hindustantimes, this is the fourth time the app has indeed been banned in the country, according to reports. When the company agreed to regulate its material, all of the previous bans were reversed.

Upon numerous reports of obscene and unethical content, the app was banned for the very first time in Pakistan in October 2020.

In March, the Peshawar high court placed restrictions on Tiktok, which was later lifted in April. In July, the Sindh high court instructed TikTok to be restricted by the telecommunications regulator because it had been inciting immorality and profanity. After three days, the order was eventually lifted.

In Pakistan, TikTok is immensely popular, yet there seems to be a significant anti-TikTok sentiment. In Pakistan, the software, which is barred in India, has been downloaded about 39 million times.

TikTok deleted 6,495,992 videos between January and March, making it the second-most-removed market after the United States, which had 8,540,088 films deleted, according to TikTok.

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